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Spanish Tutoring Classes

Spanish Tutoring In Scottsdale 

Magnus Language Institute is a Scottsdale-based language school providing Spanish language tutoring and group classes.


Our sessions are taught in our Scottsdale, Arizona location in Old Town. We provide a fun, inviting classroom where our students gather to accelerate their Spanish conversation skills. 


Private tutoring and group classes are also offered through online video platforms to provide flexible options for those who prefer to learn from the comfort of their home. 


All Spanish tutors are native speakers teaching you to speak authentically. They provide confidence when conversing with other native speakers.

Several formats are offered to learn Spanish in an environment that is most effective for you.

◙  Small-Group Classes

◙  One-on-one Tutoring

◙  Online Classes

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New! Fall 2020

Learning Pods Scottsdale 

A break in the weekly routine of virtual learning from home!

We've expanded our services during this time of Covid to provide a new environment for your child to:

• Log into Zoom classes 

• Study in a quiet, distraction-free area

• Receive Homework Help

• Obtain individual or group tutoring in a variety of subjects

Strict Covid Screening & Prevention Protocols 

Located at Industrious Fashion Square! 

A break for you, and your kids!

Become Bilingual

Teacher-owned language school enriching students

and professionals across Phoenix. 

Develop Your Spanish Language Skills

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Dinner event for new students to practic

Local wine tastings in Scottsdale, dinners, travel abroad and Spanish immersion trips are some of the fun events we host to energize your learning. Read more...

Group class at our scottsdale school loc

Develop your conversational skills in Spanish classes from beginner to advanced. Stay motivated and see measured results with our native speakers guiding your studies. Read more... 

private tutoring lesson for beginner spa

Whether travel plans, middle school or high school test prep or extra support with current studies, private sessions are tailored to meet your language goals. Read more...

Learn to speak Spanish

Achieve Spanish Conversation Goals Quickly

Highly focused group classes provide an opportunity to learn Spanish at a greater intensity. Our classes provide an effective way to learn Spanish with peers who share similar language skills and fluency goals. 


Spanish tutoring is typically provided in private, one-on-one sessions, or at your request can accommodate a spouse, friend, or colleague who shares the same learning goal. 

Click the course option of interest to learn more about the curriculum and what you can achieve with each modality. 

Support Groups

Our Spanish Classes

Our classes are comfortable and fun! We focus on results by adapting to each student's unique learning style. 

Instructors are native speakers which enables them to present and coach more effectively.

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Meet Rosi! 

rosi freeman spanish tutor for beginner

An experienced native language coach can multiply the speed at which you develop language proficiency. Knowing typical non-native speaker challenges and building a core of essentials reduces frustration and increases retention. 

Our students have various language goals and we accelerate their learning by offering comfortable, focused instruction streamlined with native speaker insights.

Take a look at the variety of fun and interactive learning environments we offer to meet your learning needs.

As a native speaker, my childhood experiences help me become aware of authentic, real-life Spanish.  My linguistic expertise provides awareness of various Spanish dialects. 

Rosalinda Freeman


Schedule A Discovery Call!

Find Out:

  • Base assessment of language skills

  • Plan to achieve your goals

  • Texts & supplemental materials

  • How to accelerate your self-study


Dr. & Mrs. Bloomstone

Upon our daughter switching schools, we were faced with the need to fulfill one year’s worth of Spanish requirements. Our daughters' new school recommended we contact Rosi Freeman. Though extremely busy with her own teaching schedule, Rosi not only agreed to complete the year’s curriculum during the summer months, but she made herself available to teach our daughter in our home. Rosi created a warm and effective teaching environment in which our daughter flourished.

Ashley López

Mrs. Freeman provided my son with the confidence to speak Spanish fluently...We are forever grateful for mentorship and highly recommend her as a teach and a tutor of the Spanish language.

Shelley Detwiller DiGiacomo, Attorney

Rosalinda has been helping me to improve my Spanish language skills for several years. Her depth of knowledge of not only the Spanish language, but also Spanish culture, history and literature makes for endlessly intriguing and informative lessons. My conversational skills have improved so dramatically that I am now finding professional opportunities using my Spanish. Rosalinda is such a skilled instructor that if one method of learning is not working for you (in my case a textbook), she will find a method that will work better (in my case literature, news articles and magazines). Rosalinda is a wonderful tutor and an incredible person. I recommend her highly and without hesitation.

Events To Energize

Your Learning

Social interactions create memories and are some of the best ways to learn and reinforce foreign language skills. 

Our events create opportunities to use your new language skills in a fun, supportive environment! 


How do you find a great Spanish language instructor?

Finding a language tutor that matches your learning needs requires that your first know what and how you want to learn. Are you looking for motivation to complete your coursework each week? Or are there specific language functions you need help with such as conjugating verbs or grammar? Or are you seeking to develop a more natural sounding native accent?

Ask yourself, how do you learn best? Do you want a more interactive experience or one that requires more independent study with dedicated sessions for questions? Are you more of a visual learner or do you retain information better with auditory learning? Would weekly meetings be enough or should you have more frequent sessions?

Once you have a better understanding of what you want from your educational investment, now you can ask the right questions to find an instructor that meets your learning needs.

Questions to ask when searching for a Spanish tutor

To maximize your educational investment, you want to find an instructor that will provide the environment and tools that accelerate your learning style. Ask these questions of prospective instructors:

  1. Why did you decide to go into teaching?

  2. What experience do you have teaching others at my age/learning level?

  3. How do you prepare for class?

  4. Do you require homework?

  5. What options do you provide for individual and group learning?

Score your conversations not only on their answers but on intangibles:

  1. Did they listen and answer your questions with empathy?

  2. Did they take time to assess your level before prescribing a learning plan?

  3. Did you like them?

How to maximize your learning from language tutoring in Spanish

When you engage a language tutor, tell them your goals and what you expect. Let them know how often you want to meet, what you want to work on, how you want them to work with you and what tools you want to use. Establishing up front how you want your learning to proceed will ensure you have a course of action to accomplish your goals.

The instructor will have a prescribed syllabus and study materials. You can augment your learning by:

  • Listen to Spanish podcasts

  • Read Spanish books

  • Keep a few flashcards around your home to practice a group of words each week

  • Write letters in Spanish to friends whether you send them or not, to practice

  • Get informal groups of other students together in person or on video chat to practice what you’ve learned.