Covid-19 Academic Support For Students 

If you or your child has had to take on learning Spanish digitally, we are here to help support your learning. With over 20 years of high school and college course design and instruction experience, we have the insight and technology skills to empower you to succeed in this new learning environment.


We think it’s crucial to support Spanish language learners in high schools and colleges throughout the Valley.  


We recognize that transitioning to remote learning situations can be complicated as well and may create a need for extra help. We offer in-person in-home tutoring or live online tutoring sessions.    

In-Person Tutoring:

Using the most stringent health and sanitation standards, we are happy to visit you or your child at home. Our staff experts will tailor our support of your learning to your best learning style as well as your academic situation.


We also offer study strategies and extra tools for practice on your own, so you continue to make progress in your Spanish course. 

Virtual Tutoring:

We utilize a variety of platforms to provide online tutoring to our clients. From Zoom, to Facetime, to Loom, to Spanish practice applications such as Quizlet, we can tailor our digital "visit" to your technology comfort zone.


Additionally, we can send practice quizzes, review guides, and help edit Spanish essays so you can stay successful in your classes!