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Online Spanish Classes

As online learning and virtual classes become more common, we've updated our curriculum to deliver dynamic opportunities for communicative practice. Our native speakers enable students to learn "real life" Spanish conversation. Conversing with our instructors will build confidence and offer insights to help accelerate your learning.

Our Spanish curriculum prompts students to engage with key concepts while continually adapting to individual needs. Interactive sessions activates learning outside of class sessions and empowers students to take control of their learning to increase retention and knowledge. 

Become more fluent through one-to-one conversation practice and solve your grammar questions once and for all. Private classes allow you to dedicate all your classtime to developing the skills and knowledge you've chosen for study.

Online Class Options

We offer a variety of Spanish classes from beginner to intermediate through advanced writing and conversation. Our mix of classes and tutoring options enable you to learn Spanish at your own pace. Whether pursuing academic studies, learning Spanish to travel abroad or using the language skills for business purposes, our programs can be customized to meet your learning needs.

Our Spanish tutoring options offer individual and unique learning environments to develop their skills. They will focus on areas that are challenging and overcome obstacles in their Spanish education. And they will move further ahead in areas where they excel.

Students who are strong Spanish readers will be guided to additional materials to inspire their learning journey. This will expand their vocabulary and reinforce their comprehension. If they struggle with pronunciation, then tutoring time will focus on exercises that smooth the challenging sounds. Native speakers provide that special expertise in hearing weaknesses in speech and can guide corrections.

One-on-one attention with a tutor who is solely focused on your child for the session, ensures expert faculty are aware of your child's individual learning style and adapting teaching methods to make the learning sessions the most productive for your child.

Often the tutoring improves attitude towards learning and school. For any difficult subject, it can cause a child to avoid studying or even participating in class. Receiving individual support can make learning fun. Experienced tutoring recognition learning styles and adapt their method of teaching new concepts. 

When you hear your child laugh during a session or see completed assignments you know that your child is engaging more with the subject. Each step of learning builds confidence and self-esteem. They may find they don't want to speak Spanish in school for fear of making a mistake. With a more comfortable tutoring environment, they find working with their tutor, they will not be admonished or teased about a pronunciation error. Hearing corrections from a native Spanish speaker will help them hear how sounds should be verbalized. 

How does it work?


Call us for a free consultation or what we refer to as a "discovery call". Our owner, Rosi Freeman, will talk with you about your previous Spanish education, opportunities to converse and ask more about your preferred learning style.

If you want individual classes taught via Zoom or other online learning platform, she can prescribe a course of study to achieve your learning goals. 

If you live in Arcadia, which is near our location, you may still want to use an online learning option to receive tutoring from the comfort of your home. 

A number of parents of children in the Scottsdale School district have asked for online classes to augment their regular school day classes. 

Read, speak, write and understand Spanish from your first lesson!

Spanish tutoring can strengthen language comprehension, improve speaking skills, boost confidence and build important learning skills. 


Parents choose tutoring for their child for many reasons. Some parents don't have time or are not able to help children with foreign language skills training. Some children are more receptive to learning from someone other than there parents, especially if they struggle in the subject.


Tutoring also gives the individualized attention that they don't get in a large classroom with lots of other students. This helps the children who are struggling keep up. And it helps those students who aren't challenged enough with the classroom curriculum.


Those students who have a talent for languages may find they can move beyond the set Spanish language curriculum and gain more skills training beyond the classroom. Tutoring programs can help your child develop learning and study skills that will help set them up for success throughout their entire life. 



Our mix of classes and tutoring allow for customized options to learn at your own pace.