Spanish For Travel

Speaking in the native tongue of your travel destination adds interest and opens doors to broadening your experience. 

Polite phrases will earn favor of locals and create new connections. Use your skills to find the hidden places and attractions off the beaten path.  

Knowing key phrases enables you to check into a hotel and order food confidently. 

Mastering basic conversational exchanges enriches your authentic experience providing the dialog to get to make friends in a foreign land. 

Our custom tutoring packages provide the framework to guide your studies to achieve the travel experiences you desire. Read more about our private tutoring by clicking here through to our Spanish Tutoring page. Learn more about all Spanish language tutoring on our home page. 

Spanish classes to prepare for travel sp

  • Improves attention

  • Builds multi-tasking skills

  • Facilitates decision making

  • Improves memory

  • Increases brain function

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5 Benefits of learning a new 

language for travel

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