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Spanish Tutoring

Private instruction offers a bridge to successful learning through flexible, individualized programs of study.

It is ideal for students who want to go at their own pace, whether they need extra help with current studies or have specific learning goals or timeframes. It allows for individualized assistance for students who want a more personalized tutoring experience.

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Private lessons allow you to learn at your own pace and prioritize your learning needs.

We adapt our teaching style to student needs based on your learning style. We build the foundation you need to achieve your learning goals and provide challenges to build your confidence. 

Our private one-to-one classes are the best way to get the individualized attention you need with our experienced, native-speaking teachers.

Become more fluent through one-to-one conversation practice and solve your grammar questions once and for all. Private classes allow you to dedicate all your classtime to developing the skills and knowledge you've chosen for study.

How does it work?

We schedule a discovery call with each student asking questions to assess level of proficiency, strengths, weaknesses and your goals. We establish your timeframe and what is to be achieved.  


After a thorough evaluation of your linguistic skills, we will build a personalized action plan to suit your needs. A learning plan tailored to your goals is prepared with an outline of study for each session.  


Read, speak, write and understand Spanish from your first lesson!

Your program content will be structure based on your needs and goals. One-on-one conversational practice with your teacher's guidance will help you develop fluency and polish your accent.


During the initial discovery call, we'll learn from you what you want the focus to be from conversation to grammar to test-prep.


The extensive teaching background of our native speakers enables them to adapt effectively to teaching modalities that will expedite your results. 

Learn From Native Speakers

Speak Spanish confidently and gain the motivation to use your new language authentically!

Popular Individual Tutoring Programs

Tutoring sessions for Spanish students


Frequent requests for specific individual study tutoring led us to create basic frameworks around these topics.


Our experience over the last 25 years gives insights into effective paths to direct these studies.


We'll take the information collected during our initial discovery call to learn your goals and customize the content in specific tutoring plans to match your strengths, weaknesses and goals.

Students | Travelers | Professionals

We've found ways to effectively use blocks of time to increase your learning and retention. And packaged these in customizable one-on-one training and study programs to offer tangible achievements in a specified timeframe. 

The curricula will be personalized to focus on your interests as some may want conversational improvement while others have test preparation goals.


A traveler may want help learning specific topics such as epicurean or culinary conversations. While others may want to focus on conversation more common in large cities, beaches or rural areas. These factors are included when designing the coursework for your program of study. 

A business professional may want to focus on basic key phrases and industry specific conversation for their business communications. 

Your discovery call guides the content creation for your personalized study program. 

spanish for travel conversational class

Travel Phrases & Basics

Learn key words and sentences to make your travel adventures easier and more rewarding! Coursework is personalized for each student's travel destination to teach important fundamentals when traveling abroad such as asking directions, ordering at a restaurant and other common conversations to prepare for your upcoming trip. Classroom time is 8 to 9 hours over a period of 4 weeks.

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Spanish Conversation Adults 

For those who have previous Spanish language experience, this coursework builds on conversations likely to occur during travel. It reinforces basics in speaking, reading, listening and writing. We focus on ensuring you can form your own sentences when conversing during your travel adventures. Key modal verbs (must, should, might, can and may) will be practiced  so you can create basic sentences. Vocabulary specific to your destination will be incorporated to expand conversational development. Classroom time is 10 to 12 hours over a period of 6 weeks. 

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Student Test Prep

We offer individualized support for students taking middle school and high school Spanish classes of all types.

Whether it is review and reinforcement of key concepts, or preparation for a standardized test, we tailor a tutoring program for your child's needs.

Improve Test Scores on:

  • AP Language Test 

  • AP Literature Test 

  • SAT Subject Exams

We offer advising for students wishing to experience total immersion in Spain, Costa Rica or Mexico. 

General Private Tutoring Information

How much does Spanish tutoring cost

Tutoring sessions are offered on an hourly basis and sold in 4-hour or 8-hour packages. 

During the initial discovery call, we'll assess your proficiency and ask your goals for the tutoring sessions. We'll ask your timeframe and make a recommendation of what can be accomplished in the tutoring hours requested. 

Prior to the start of the sessions, we'll build a personalized study plan with goals to accomplish during each session. 


Hourly sessions range from $50 to $80 per hour

Factors that determine price:

  • Private or Semi-Private

  • Travel (if special location requested)

  • Number of sessions in package (minimum 4 hours in package)